Port Washington Senior Photography

by Port Washington High School Senior Photographer Diane Kinzer

port washington senior photographyClass of 2016 high school seniors it’s time to start thinking about those senior photos! Diane Kinzer Photography is the perfect choice!

Port Washington Senior Photography

High school seniors. Class of 2016 Port Washington Wisconsin

Love this image! I am starting to think about the Class of 2016’s high school senior portrait sessions. I am finding it so scary because my youngest son is a Class of 2016. Wow, where did the time go? 

I LOVE photographing high school seniors! It is absolutely one of my favorite things about my job. High school seniors are fun, engaging, and just plain and simple a great photo shoot. I love hear about their plans for their future. School, military, work, travel, or that they are just trying to figure it all out. During their photo session I get to know so much about them.

port washington senior photography

High school senior


High school senior portraits should be an amazing and FUN experience. You only do it once! Senior photos mark such an important time in your life and let’s face it you are going to be looking at them for a long time. I still get to see my senior photos every time I go home to visit mom and dad. Right here hanging in the living room is my high school senior photo there for all to see 🙂 thank goodness I like it (even if the hair styles have changed). So thanks mom and dad for picking the right photographer for me! When you are looking around for a photographer talk to your friends who graduated last year. Ask them if they had fun, if they felt comfortable, and if they love their images. I hope to see you this summer!

Love her laugh!

Love her laugh!

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