Mother’s Day Mini Session

Port Washington Family Photographer

Mother’s Day is a special time of year. I so enjoy offering mini sessions to celebrate moms because I love capturing the special bond between a mother and her child. There’s nothing like watching a mom see her child for the first time, or hold them for the first. It’s as though their heart is so full their chest could burst. While the intensity subsides, the love never does. It’s amazing what all I can grab on film in just a few short minutes- sweet kisses, hugs, snuggles. It’s all those moments that seem never ending when your kids are small. You convince yourself you’ll never forget it, but then one day, the memories slip further and further away. As a Port Washington Family Photographer, it’s my job to help you hold onto those memories forever.

It won’t just be important to you, mom. These photos will be important to your kids, too. After all, you are their best friend and partner in crime. Some days it’s hard for them to see it, but one day when they have children of their own, or simply more life experience behind them, they’ll understand that you were always on their side. They’ll know you were their greatest cheerleader, and they will have photos to look back on memories that disappeared from their early childhood faster than sand in a funnel. They will see you as the person who loved them the most no matter what. It makes my heart soar to know that I’m helping families pass down these sweet moments from one generation to the next.

I appreciate client feedback tremendously. It helps me grow, and it helps reassure me on even the hardest of days. I received a thank you from a lovely mom after the Mother’s Day session that read,
“I will treasure the photos forever.” Truly, nothing would make me happier.

Port Washington Family Photographer

Port Washington Family Photographer

Port Washington Family Photographer

One thought on “Mother’s Day Mini Session | Port Washington Family Photographer

  1. MaryDana Maggiolino

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to capture such a beautiful moment in time. The love of my children on that day will forever be felt through the images you have taken.


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