What’s not to love about family photography in Wisconsin? Well, maybe that in Wisconsin we have four seasons. Winter, winter, winter and not winter or at least that is how the past few years have felt to me. Ok maybe we get a couple weeks of spring, fall, and summer too.  I love the change of season but I must admit that the past couple years I have questioned our decision to live in Wisconsin. Joe, my wonderful husband’s, career as a pilot would allow us to live pretty much anywhere. South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, no not us we chose Wisconsin.  Wisconsin, really why?? We really could go anywhere. A few months ago as we suffered through one of our worst winters, I though why am I here?  Not like we were from Wisconsin or had family here. As a photographer who loves to shoot outside and natural light why would we pick Wisconsin? Well, this week I remembered. Wisconsin is beautiful! Ozaukee County, Port Washington, Lake Michigan, Grafton, Cedarburg, gorgeous parks, beautiful lakes, amazing scenery everywhere you look. What better locations could I want as a photographer. 🙂 So next winter as I am complaining about the weather somebody please direct me to the blog post so I can be reminded that those long winter days are worth it when the summer appears.

Grace and Jacob were as cute and wonderful as always. I am sure that Grace has been practicing her posing skills, she is the perfect model! Jacob wasn’t so sure he wanted to have his photo taken but the sneaky photographer I am I snuck a few awesome shots in. I am amazed how much they both have grown. Watching these little ones grow is just another awesome perk of being a photographer! Thank you Jenny and Kevin for including in your amazing life!

This is why I am a photographer in Wisconsin.

This is why I am a photographer in Wisconsin.

Your little princess in your wedding dress.

Your little princess in your wedding dress.

wedding dress miniI love playing dress up, what girl (little or grownup) doesn’t? I have the mini session for you, Wedding Dress Mini Sessions! Your little girl and your, Grandma, or Aunties wedding dress. Simple beautiful photos of your princess playing dress up in a beautiful wedding gown.


The Wedding Dress Mini Session includes a 30 minute session, 7 high resolution digital images, print release, and an 8×10 print all for $50. This is perfect if you have dreamed of your little girl wearing your wedding dress someday?  Here is your chance to have photos of your little girl in your wedding dress!! Dates June 8-14. Call 262.573.6117 book your session!!

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I will be holding these mini session on June 8-14, 2014.
Let’s get our wedding dress out from storage or the back of a closet and create some amazing images and memories with your little girls!  This session is best for children that are at least 2 years old. Any questions or if you’d like to book, please email me at dianekinzerphotography@gmail.com or call, text, or message me at 262.573.6117 Thank you so much for your interest!


The missed engagement photos.  I love engagement photos, even when they are 5 years late!!  Kellie and Keith are two amazing people who I’ve gotten the opportunity to know personally over the last couple of years. They are a wonderful family with two adorable little ones, Logan and Addison who I have the pleasure of taking photos of as well. Kellie and Keith never got their engagement photos taken before they were married so this was an awesome chance for them to make up for lost memories! Shooting Kellie and Keith was so much fun, we shot in beautiful downtown Port Washington.  The best part was definitely how cute they interacting as a couple while I worked. I love meeting new couples like them when I do engagement, wedding, and couple photos and get to know their individual personalities. My time with them really helps me to get to know them and exactly what kind of photos best fit their character. For Kellie and Keith these were their 5-year anniversary photos and it’s definitely a good idea to get photos taken like this every couple of years to capture these memories, time flies by so quickly! Another amazing aspect of this photo shoot was that we had the wonderful and talented stylist Abigail May to style Kellie and Keith’s hair. You can see from the before and after Keith and Kellie are gorgeous.  Abby did an awesome job and she is so wonderful to work with. When Abigail does hair and makeup for my clients they never have to worry about how they will look! Along with hair and makeup it is really important to consider what you are going to wear for the photos, you want your clothes to complement but not distract. The colors Kellie was wearing really brought out her awesome green eyes! Overall this was such a fun shoot to do with such a cool couple, I can’t wait to see them back again!

Beautiful engagement photos in Port washington Wi.

Beautiful engagement photos in Port washington Wi.

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Rain can't stop this photo shoot.

Rain can’t stop this photo shoot.

Rain, rain go away! The rain and puddles didn’t stop us from having a fun time during Hannah’s photo session today! Children’s photography doesn’t need to be on a beautiful day to be amazing and fun. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything. As a photographer one of my favorite aspects of my job is finding the beauty in everyday life. Hannah and I brought out the rubber ducky, rain boots and a vintage umbrella to take advantage of the rain and puddles. Hannah had a great time splashing in the puddles, who doesn’t especially when you are 3 and someone is telling you CAN play in the rain.  I especially loved the smiles and giggles from Hannah.  Hannah was an awesome model, Tyler her little brother did an amazing job cheering his sister on for her photo shoot and doing his best to stay out of the puddles himself. Although I do both outside and studio photography, I have been waiting to get outside and shoot! Hannah’s session was my first opportunity to get out and shoot this year after the long winter! I have found with children’s photography being outside brings out a silly side that takes a little longer to bring out when I am shooting in the studio. These stylized shoots are so awesome for me as a artist because they allow me to expand artistically and along the way meet amazing families on the way like Hannah’s. I loved how the photos turned out, I really feel they show the fun of being a child. The rain along with with Hannah’s sweet smiling face matches the joy I feel as a photographer doing projects like this. I can’t wait to play with my camera and new ideas outside as the weather gets warmer.

Rain rain go away we have photos today.

Rain rain go away we have photos today.


Class of 2015 it is time to book your senior photos. Book with award winning Diane Kinzer Photography. Voted best portrait photographer by WISN’s A-list.  Senior photos are a rite of passage! They have evolved into an experience rather than showing up at a studio where you are just a number doing the same poses. There are no standard poses with Diane Kinzer Photography unlike other studios (you know that tree that everyone is leaning against in last year’s yearbook). My goal when working with seniors is to showcase the unique personality traits of each and every person I photograph (we will have fun while taking the photos too).

This is your chance to shine! We will work together to design the perfect senior photo session that is your style and your personality. You are part of the process! I commit to a limited number of senior photo experiences a month, so I get the opportunity and pleasure of getting to know you better. Simply put, creating your perfect senior photo experience means you will love your portraits and cherish them for a lifetime! So now is the time to book your session! Call 262-573-6117 or message dianekinzerphotography@gmail.com to book your session or with any questions. Wan to see more of my photography check out my portfolio at http://dianekinzerphotography.com/p900453391

I look forward to working with you and providing you with images that you, your family and friends will love!


Class of 2015 time to book you senior photo session

Senior Photos


Class of 2015 time to book you senior photo session

Senior photography, grafton, port washington, wisconsin

senior photos

Grafton Cake Smash & One Year Photo Session

by Grafton Family Photographer Diane Kinzer

Simon came to visit me for his one year old photos & cake smash photo session! I love doing cake smash sessions at my Port Washington / Grafton studio!! It is always fun to see how my photo subject has grown, what their latest trick is (usually walking or crawling away from the photographer haha). Cake smash sessions at Diane Kinzer Photography always include one year old portraits. I love the smiles, the giggles, and all the silly faces that a one year old has.  One year old Cake Smash sessions usually means that the cake will be flying!

Cake in the hair, on the toes, smashed between the fingers, on the photographer and the camera.  But every one year old is different and it is always fun to see how they reacts to cake. Simon wasn’t so sure about getting cake all over himself. Can’t say I blame him. 🙂 Simon was smiles and happy to be the center of all the commotion but a cake smash wasn’t really his way of eating cake, something tells me he would have preferred a much more civilized way of eating his cake.

I have been lucky enough to be Simon’s photographer since his newborn photos! I have loved watching him grow over this past year and look forward to watching him in the years to come!! Happy 1st Birthday Simon!

Grafton Cake Smash

Cake Smash & one year old photo session.

Photography for me is my passion. My family is my heart. I am fortunate that I get to do what I am passionate about and that it allows me to work with and become friends with all of you! Being a family photographer allows me into your world, I get to see the love that is in your family and be a small part of it. It makes me giddy, happy, FORTUNATE to think of my beautiful photos hanging in your home! I am a true believer every family should have their portraits taken every few years. Children grow, families change, we lose loved ones. So please don’t put off those family photos! Don’t say next year, don’t say when I lose ten pounds, just do it, make that appointment!

My Giving Back Project has allowed me to combine my passion and my heart. My goal was to give away one family session to a deserving family in the Ozaukee County Wisconsin area. The word deserving really made my job hard! After much thought, reading and rereading the nominations it comes down to I just can’t decided. So, what I have decided to do is to give a family session with high resolution digital negatives and a copyright release to each family that was nominated. Everyone is a winner. 🙂  I will be contacting everyone who was nominated to setup your photo session! 

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to nominate a deserving family!

Donating free family session to deserving family. Ozaukee county Wisconsin.

Giving Back. Nominate a deserving family for a free custom family photo session.

Grafton Infant Photographer | Leo’s Six Month Session

by Port Washington Family Photographer Diane Kinzer

As a Grafton Infant Photographer, I love watching babies grow. Leo came to visit me in the studio for his six month photos! Where did those six months go? Seems like I was just taking Leo’s newborn portraits. Whoa time is moving too fast! Leo was full of smiles and sweet faces for his photo session! I even got mom and dad in for a shot.

grafton infant photographer


I truly believe everyone should have beautiful photographs to capture their family, to tell their story, to preserve those precious memories.

You know someone. You know someone who’s experienced a tragedy, is struggling to stay afloat, is raising kids while holding down more than one job, or is volunteering selflessly despite extenuating personal circumstances,  someone who may not otherwise be able to have family portraits taken, due to time, money, or any other reason. Your nomination could be a family facing a hardship, someone who may not be able to afford custom photography, or just a friend who has done something kind for you or for the community.

You know someone. I guarantee it.

I want to know who they are, and I want to give them the chance to experience custom photography and the gift of family portraits. This includes: a family photo session, high resolution digital negatives, and a custom image box. ffront


*You can nominate yourself!

* The nominee must reside in the Port Washington, Wisconsin area.  Photo session will take place within Ozaukee County area. Tell me who you know, what they’re experiencing, and why they deserve a family portrait session. Please include a way to contact both your nominee and yourself as well.

*E-mail a short description of why this family deserves a family portrait session to dianekinzerphotography@gmail.com

The winning family will be contacted by phone or email. The winner will be chosen exclusively by me, based on review of the nominations. Please do not leave comments here, out of respect for the families privacy.

The deadline for entries is May 16th. The winner will be announced on May 19th- get nominating! I can’t wait to read all of your entries!

Port Washington WI Portrait Photographer

by Port Washington Portrait Photographer Diane Kinzer

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Your Monday cute fix is here. I love doing themed photo sessions for kids. It lets me be a child again. I get to play dress up and let my imagination run wild! Fairies, knights, pilots, a princess, a childhood lemonade stand, pirates, a day at the circus all come to mind for me. What photo session theme would you like to see me do this summer?Port Washington Wi Portrait PhotographerPort Washington Wi Portrait Photographer Port Washington Wi Portrait Photographer