Why I Love Being Your Family Photographer

by Port Washington Family Photographer Diane Kinzer


I’m often told that I must love my job. Random strangers will comment that it must be so much fun. So many people nod and smile in agreement when similar things are said to them, but I beam with pride. The truth is I love being your family photographer. It’s the coolest, most amazing job out there, and I’m passionate about it.

Long before your session begins, I’m thinking about your family. I’m mulling over how I can connect with you, your partner, and your children. I want to bring out your real smiles, not cheesy, fake ones. I’m deciding where the perfect location for your shoot will be, and what I can bring along that will flatter and accentuate you and your family. I want to tap into what makes your family tick so we can share the same creative vision for your new portraits. I love capturing that thing that makes you you, and reflects your family bond.

During your session, I get to be an honorary part of your family so I can capture this moment in time. I’m there for the most important, life changing moments of a person’s life: a new baby, a job promotion, a college acceptance. Kids grow up so very fast. (Take it from me. My youngest will be off to college soon. I blinked and he was grown!) Families change, and I’m so happy to be there with so many of my clients throughout it all. My clients have been so very loyal to me, and many have become friends.  One of my favorite things in my studio is a bowl full of client thank you notes. It means so much to me that you love and connect with your images just as I connected with you and your family.

When someone asks what I do for a living, I could simply respond that I’m a photographer, but that really isn’t the tip of the iceberg. What do I do? I document happiness.

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